Tattoo Removal

Not only are we passionate about tattoos, we are passionate about tattoo removal too.

Tattoo Removal

Flesh Tattoo offers Laser Tattoo Removal. Each session is priced based on the size of the existing tattoo with prices starting from just £35 per session. Removal sessions can take between five and twenty-five minutes depending on size.

Initial consultations are free, so feel free to come and speak to the Flesh team about your requirements.

At Flesh we offer your first laser tattoo removal for free if you are having a future cover-up tattoo with us.

After initial payment for the laser removal the price of your sessions will be deducted from your tattoo price, making it a great money-saving opportunity for people who want a cover-up tattoo. Visit our tattoo removal website here.


It is not easy to estimate how much laser treatment a tattoo will require and exact predictions of the time it will take for complete results are not possible. On average we estimate that 3-6 sessions will be sufficient, but some tattoos may need further sessions.

How quickly laser treatment makes your ink fade depends on several factors, including: colours, types of ink and the nature of your own skin.

If you are planning to have a cover-up tattoo you will probably need fewer sessions because the laser will not need to achieve complete removal results.

YAG Laser Removal works by emitting a pulse of light which is absorbed by certain colours of ink. Light from the laser enters the skin at a speed too fast to heat the tissue, instead, it produces a ‘shock wave’ effect that breaks up the ink particles allowing them to be rejected by the body and removed naturally via the body’s own elimination system.

The laser emits two kinds of light; invisible infrared light and visible green light. The infrared wavelength is preferably absorbed into black and blue inks, and green light is absorbed by inks of a red hue. Other colours can be treated, although white, yellow and bright colours are more difficult. Fortunately, if you are planning a cover-up tattoo, these shades cover very easily.

After each laser treatment your body will need time to break down the tattoo ink pigments. This is a relatively slow process, meaning that you will need to schedule each treatment a minimum of 4-6 weeks apart.

After Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal is reported to feel similar to having a rubber band snapped quickly against your skin. After the treatment your skin will probably look a little red and feel as though you have mild sunburn in the treated area. Typically, this goes away after a few

hours. Sometimes there can be mild bruising or blistering. This is usually due to the type of inks that were used in your tattoo and it usually heals in around a week.

The laser tattoo removal specialist at Flesh Tattoo will discuss the process with you in detail, outlining the best aftercare practices and giving you a copy of our aftercare instructions.

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