A Manchester tattoo studio that has the concept of true art firmly at its heart.

Flesh is all about the art, the team, and giving the best experience possible to our customers.

The team at the Flesh Tattoo Studio work within Manchester's business district to offer a highly professional service. A few steps off of Deansgate and you will find our stylish, new, hygiene-oriented studio; a Manchester tattoo studio that has the concept of true art firmly at its heart.

Whether you have highly specific tattoo design ideas, or are seeking to be inspired by one of our skilled tattoo artists, at the Flesh Tattoo studio we will transform basic ideas into the highest quality custom pieces.

We want all Flesh customers to enjoy their experience. This is why we have installed the latest state-of-the-art equipment and designed a clean, stylish interior.

Customers at the Flesh Tattoo Studios in Manchester can be confident in recieving an exceptional level of customer service and aftercare, plus only the highest standards of hygiene.

Flesh is all about the art, the team, and giving the best experience possible to our customers.

Gone are the days when tattoos were for the niche few. Flesh is about art for all. We believe in expression, beauty and individuality; seeking to bring striking, high quality body art to anyone who wishes to make their love of art material.

Our artists are exactly that: artists, with varied and diverse styles and influences. So whether you have a keen eye for the aesthetic, want to tell a story, mark a memory, make a statement or accentuate a body part, you can be sure that there will be a member of the Flesh team who will make it their mission to ensure all of your ideas exceed their full artistic potential. If you would like to speak to one of our team over the phone or in person, our contact details are here. We'll be more than happy to guide you through the process.

At the Flesh Tattoo studio, we offer full wheelchair access, with a pavement to studio level lift located inside the building. In addition, our artists have experience in tattooing physically disabled customers. Just let the Flesh Team know in advance that you may be popping in for a consultation.

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I remember every minute of the journey to the place where I got my first tattoo - it was a shed at the bottom of a garden, where my friend's brother had built his own tattoo studio. Since then, I've been tattooed in studios from Pokhara in Nepal, through to Kanchanaburi in Thailand and back to Blighty, but the first still remains a vivid and fond memory.

The anticipation was intense, the nervous energy... the tangible mix of disgust and amusement on the face of my best mate's mum is not something I'll ever forget. Though for the record, I wouldn't advise visiting a potting shed for your first tattoo - it was a bit of a shock for me, on that sunny day, many, many years ago...

Motorcycles, rock music and tattoos have always fascinated me. Although I didn't start tattooing seriously until five years ago, at the age of thirty-five, I've always been excited by tattoos and the culture that surrounds them.

My background is deeply rooted in art, so it's no wonder that these skin designs held my attention, representing rebellion and the alternative side of society. The only wonder is why I didn't pick up a tattoo machine earlier (although I did give myself a few pin and ink tattoos - again, not recommended, blah, blah, blah). I've always painted and used art as my escape, from self-portraits to abstract works. I have A-levels in Art, Photography and Graphic Design, and a BA (Hons) degree in Visual Arts from Salford University, where I met my mentor, James, who taught me how to tattoo.



My girlfriend went in for her first tat and Phil couldn't have made her feel more relaxed. Easy atmosphere, good banter and friendly vibes, but bugger me this guy can draw!

Jon Officer

I got a tattoo of a bee and a rose to symbolise being in Manchester for a year now, and I'm even more proud to be a new Mancunian after getting this beauty done. Thank you again, Phil!

Sydney Morgan Kelly


I've been fascinated by tattooing since a very young age. I was brought up by a blue-haired, tattooed rocker whom I was lucky enough to call my mother. She filled my life with multiple medias of art. We would spend our days together exploring craft fairs, painting in the garden, sitting in art galleries with a sketch pad and doodling our own versions of the pieces there. She encouraged me to interpret the world in my own way. As I got older, she would take me to rock shows and festivals where tattoos and music go hand in hand. I met the most interesting people who embraced living with an alternative look, and so to me... this is the norm.

I then went on to study Graphic Design, Photography, Textiles, and Fine Art. Graphics and Photography helped me with my composition and lighting and how to create contrast within an image. Textiles taught me to understand proportions and the flow of the body, whether it's clothing or tattoos, each need to be designed to fit each individual perfectly. Fine Art helped me to create detail and texture and this piqued my interest the most.

I started to use dotwork more and more in my work. Using dots to create layers and shapes, whether it be portraits or patterns, is my favourite technique. It's a time consuming process, I could spend up to 8 hours in a relaxed and almost meditative state, just constantly working on a piece. Seeing the end product was amazing, and so fulfilling. Now I get to share this with others, who give me their trust in creating a unique piece for them and to permanently put it on their skin. Working with my clients is the part I enjoy the most. I like to take the time to talk to each client, listen to their story and how they envision their tattoo. A good friendship between myself and my clients is very important to me.

In 2015, Flesh Tattoo kindly took me in as their apprentice, and I've been blessed to be taught by, and finally work alongside incredible artists. I hope to progress further each day, and always be learning about this beautiful industry.



I've been there now for 2 full day tattoo sittings with Bekki, and she is awesome!! Would never go anywhere else nor could recommend more! ESPECIALLY BEKKI!

Jodie Freya Klapisch

Had third tattoo by Bekki yesterday, she is lovely and very talented. I have the most beautiful flower that she designed for me.

Suzanne Perry


After deciding Uni wasn't for me, I made it my ultimate goal and dream in life to become an artist.

I began showcasing my artwork on the streets of Manchester, I loved being able to show people I'd never met about my artwork, and my passion for drawing.

From this, I was given the opportunity to become a tattoo apprentice and I jumped at the chance. 2 years on and I get to meet amazing people from all walks of life, and tattoo my artwork onto them, which they can love forever..

When it comes to tattooing, I don't have a particular style I stick to, instead, I love working with my clients to achieve what they want, right down to the smallest detail.

Tattooing is now ingrained in my nature, and I love every minute - when I'm not at work, I'm staring at tattoos on Instagram, or playing with my tattoo machines, fixing and building them. I am dedicated to being the best tattooist I can be - creative, ethical and professional in all of my work.



Had a lovely first tattoo experience here! I had some ideas coming in, and Bex made the process of finalising a design very easy.

Hannah Luddy

I had my first tattoo done yesterday by Bex. The whole experience was brilliant! She really put me at easy, was really friendly, and we had a great chat whilst I was being tattooed.

Suzanne Perry


I've been an artist all my life. Since a very young age I had a knack for art, spent most waking hours drawing and doodling. Since I was seven I attended after school art classes twice a week, which my parents hoped would stop me from drawing instead of doing homework, it didn't.

Since that time I knew I had a future in art as it's the one thing I never seem to lose passion for. I continued going to art classes throughout my school years, ranging from general art to painting, live models, and architectural drawing. I was strongly pushed by my family to study architecture, which according to them combined my love for art and my science minded brain. Problem was, I didn't like buildings, I wanted to create and evolve as an artist, not sit in a 9 to 5 sketching straight lines all day.

I decided to move to the UK and study Illustration, as I've always been drawn by more illustrative art, especially the masters of Art Nouveau. My course above all else gave me the time to think and try lots of new approaches and art media. During my second year I've finally found a style that allowed me to convey everything I wanted to. Inspired by the works of John Dyer Baizley I combined the use of dotwork and watercolour. My last year at university was when I further explored this style, and when I came to the conclusion I don't want to be an Illustrator.

Growing up no one in my family had tattoos, so the idea of tattooing never crossed my mind. However, it was my parents who suggested it to me, which seemed surprising but promising. After a bit of luck I was taken in as an apprentice in a nice studio on the outskirts of Manchester. I've learned and grown, discoverd what I reallly like to tattoo to this day. My favourite tattoos are those that allow me to mix my love for Art Nouveau and flowers with my fascination for everything dark and sinister. In late 2017 I was welcomed to the Flesh family, and I can't wait to see where will they take me.



I had my first tattoo at flesh yesterday and I was so nervous about it as it was the first tattoo in 10 years but I am over the moon with the result! Zu had done an excellent job on my arm and was so friendly and helpful through every step.

Izi Hough

Absolutely over the moon with my tattoo by Zu, the detail is incredible and the shading is perfection.

Carrie-Anne Thompson


My parents really supported being a creative personality and I am really glad they did that, so when I was young, I was always drawing and painting. My dad has old school traditional tattoos on his arms and I was always fascinated by the process of how it happened, this was the start of being interested in the whole industry. I stuck to being interesting in art and design throughout school, and eventually onto University where I proceeded to study Art Practice and Graphic Design. At University I always knew that I wanted to do something more creative than branding and marketing via Graphic Design. I decided to move to Manchester 2 years ago, start a new life with my sausage dog Pickle and concentrate on building a tattoo portfolio and finding a tattoo apprenticeship. At the age of 30 it was pretty daunting but it was the best decision of my life.

Now I’m part of the Flesh Tattoo team, learning all parts of the tattoo industry, my style is traditional with an eccentric twist and I feel incredibly lucky to be supported by an amazing team of people.


Growing up, my mum was my favourite artist. My room was wall to wall with drawings we’d both drawn of all my favourite characters, and the stories we’d create with them. Back then I didn’t realise that we were illustrating. Using drawings to tell stories as well as jokes which was my favourite.

As a teen I continued to use drawings to tell stories, so much so I thought I would end up in a career in animation or character development.

I’ve always had a keen interest in tattoos, sneaking around to get my back done at 14 and staying up late watching LA ink. I never thought it’d be in the industry as I believed I wouldn’t fit in, so I neglected to try.

I perused art in a more general sense, completing my undergraduate fine art degree and exhibiting anywhere I was allowed, from nightclubs to the Tate. The path eventually led to tattooing by chance, being suggested whilst I was receiving a tattoo. I have so much love for the art form and the craft of tattooing and I love being in an industry where I can learn something different every day, and being trusted to illustrate other people’s stories here at Flesh.


Hey, I'm Nicola. I'm the lass you come to for questions and bookings. I do the meet and greets, I make the best brews of your life and have a little huge laugh.

I've been obsessed with tattoos for as long as I can remember. My dad was covered from head to toe, so naturally, I befriended artists in my hometown of Barrow In Furness.

After I turned 16 I was offered my first ever job in my dad's best friends studio, working as a receptionist. I also helped design tattoos for some of his clients which helped me appreciate every stage in the design process. I knew I was in the right place at the right time. I decided that this would be the path to follow in the future.

I moved to Manchester 10 years ago, I worked in various retail jobs to keep myself afloat, but kept up with my passion for drawing and followed tattoo artists on Instagram. After 16 years in retail, I decided it was time to change things and follow my original pursuit.

I remember the first time I came into Flesh, I'd found their website and booked in to get a tattoo a couple of months before they advertised for the receptionist position. I was blown away by the talent of the artists and the atmosphere of the studio. I was on holiday when I noticed they'd started advertising for a receptionist job, I just had to apply as I KNEW I had to be a part of it.

I couldn't believe I got the job, I can honestly say working here and being a part of the Flesh team has been the best 2 years of my life. I love meeting all the artists' clients and finding out about their lives. I've met so many fascinating people and some have become great friends.


Nick has been piercing for two and a half - three years. With his love of body art/modification he decided to take the leap and learn the art of body piercing. Upon completing his training, he has been working in the Manchester area since 2012, and is fully qualified in all piercing procedures including dermal anchors and skin divers.

Nick is also our resident tattoo removal laser technician, he is fully trained, qualified and licensed, and has been removing people's tattoos for two years, and will advise you on all aspects of the process.


Like all of us, I've been involved in various fields of art since I was a child and I do not consider myself a talented or overly gifted person. However, what I liked best is the endless band of having to learn about the art of drawing, painting and many other varieties of it, and because of my passion and curiosity, I have never stopped exploring this knowledge.

So, at the turn of my childhood, I tried to get to know the widest possible range of skills/styles. I went through traditional painting to modern, drawing, sculpture, the basics of computer graphics in order not to limit myself to one style. In art, I appreciate the most lack of restrictions, rules and boundaries. I have been tattooing for over 16 years and I am extremely grateful for the time spent on this platform being able to notice how it evolves.

Despite this, I always try to stay up to date with all novelties and trends and I am always happy to see what is around the corner. My favourite styles: All and especially the possibility to combine them. I appreciate clients for large projects but I will also never despise a small job.

I highly recommend Flesh Tattoo to anyone that wants to get some cool art in a cool environment! Thanks guys, I'll definitely come back!!

Dave Fraser

I couldn't have asked for a better tattooing experience! I let Phil have free reign of my arm and he created a masterpiece.

Sydney Morgan Kelly



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