All About: Watercolour Tattoos

Posted: Friday May 3, 2024

Amongst the myriad of tattoo styles, watercolour tattoos are vibrant masterpieces that blur the lines between body art and fine art. They have fluid strokes, delicate blends, and vivid hues.  Watercolour tattoos bring a painterly touch to the world of ink. They look exactly like someone has painted an image on the skin.

Unleashing Creativity

Watercolour tattoos take inspiration from traditional watercolour paintings. Unlike traditional tattoo styles that often feature bold outlines and solid colours, watercolour tattoos have soft edges, translucent washes, and gradient effects, mimicking the dreamy quality of watercolour paintings. This style allows for a greater degree of artistic freedom, enabling tattoo artists to unleash their creativity and experiment with techniques.

Personalised Expression

Just like any other tattoo style, watercolour tattoos can be deeply personal expressions. There are endless possibilities when it comes to watercolour tattoos. Some designs make use of the lovely blending that is possible with watercolours to create a painting on the skin. Whereas others feature watercolour ‘splats’ just as a way to make a design even more interesting to look at.

Care and Maintenance

Like any other tattoo style, watercolour tattoos require proper care and maintenance to preserve their vibrancy and longevity. Clients are advised to follow the aftercare instructions. With the right care, watercolour tattoos can retain their beauty for years to come.


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