Tattoo Artist


I’ve been fascinated by tattooing since a very young age. I was brought up by a blue-haired, tattooed rocker whom I was lucky enough to call my mother. She filled my life with multiple medias of art. We would spend our days together exploring craft fairs, painting in the garden, sitting in art galleries with a sketch pad and doodling our own versions of the pieces there. She encouraged me to interpret the world in my own way. As I got older, she would take me to rock shows and festivals where tattoos and music go hand in hand. I met the most interesting people who embraced living with an alternative look, and so to me… this is the norm.


I then went on to study Graphic Design, Photography, Textiles, and Fine Art. Graphics and Photography helped me with my composition and lighting and how to create contrast within an image. Textiles taught me to understand proportions and the flow of the body, whether it’s clothing or tattoos, each need to be designed to fit each individual perfectly. Fine Art helped me to create detail and texture and this piqued my interest the most.


I started to use dotwork more and more in my work. Using dots to create layers and shapes, whether it be portraits or patterns, is my favourite technique. It’s a time consuming process, I could spend up to 8 hours in a relaxed and almost meditative state, just constantly working on a piece. Seeing the end product was amazing, and so fulfilling. Now I get to share this with others, who give me their trust in creating a unique piece for them and to permanently put it on their skin. Working with my clients is the part I enjoy the most. I like to take the time to talk to each client, listen to their story and how they envision their tattoo. A good friendship between myself and my clients is very important to me.


In 2015, Flesh Tattoo kindly took me in as their apprentice, and I’ve been blessed to be taught by, and finally work alongside incredible artists. I hope to progress further each day, and always be learning about this beautiful industry.