I’ve been fascinated by tattooing since a very young age. I was brought up by a blue-haired, tattooed rocker mum who introduced me to multiple medias of art. We would spend our days together exploring craft fairs, painting in the garden, sitting in art galleries with a sketch pad and doodling our own versions of the pieces there. She encouraged me to interpret the world in my own way.

I studied a number of art subjects at college. During this time I was getting tattooed by artists around Manchester. It wasn’t long until I decided that tattooing was the career I wanted to go into.

In 2015, Flesh Tattoo kindly took me in as their apprentice and I’ve been blessed to be taught by, and work alongside, incredible artists ever since. In 2019, I moved the Vancouver for 2 years and gained an incredible client base there. I was able to focus mostly on large scale pieces that included both black & grey and colour work. I would say my work is themed in nature using fineline details to create texture and depth.

Working with my clients is the part I enjoy the most. I like to take the time to talk to each client, listen to their story and how they envision their tattoo then interpret that into a piece with my own style. A good friendship between myself and my client is very important to me. I understand they’re giving me a lot of trust so good communication is key. I’m forever grateful that I get make a career out of tattooing.