Hi, I’m c.ash and I’ve always been drawn to the weird and wonderful things we can do to ourselves to help make us look on the outside, the way we perceive ourselves on the inside. 


They say our bodies are temples and just like churches, mosques and synagogues adorn their holy spaces with beautiful paintings and stained glass windows, I love the idea that we may do the same. 


As a child I led quite an introverted life because of the rather unique upbringing I had. I chose to spend my time drawing, scribbling over my furniture, decorating my own and friends pencil cases with graffiti lettering and such. Always imagining doing something artistic as a career, but the schooling system pushed me towards the more academic subjects such as business and sciences. 


This meant that I spent my early 20’s working in mundane roles. I took pride in my work, but something was missing. That was until, a good friend relit my love of the arts. I left my 9-5 and drew every day. It was (and still is) absolutely obsessive. It consumed me entirely and that, thank god, paved the way to my current career and every day, waking dream. 


I love dark and macabre art work. Lots of black, dot work/stipple shading and putting strange twists on iconic imagery. If that esoteric ideology is something that resonates in you too, then I look forward to working very closely with you soon!