I’m Frankie, a new school and neotraditional artist from Manchester! I mainly work in full colour, but I’m always happy to do blackwork too, especially woodcut style. I really love illustration and character design, so I’m always over the moon to do custom work to create something special and unique for you (especially if it’s your pet dressed in a fun outfit)

A bit about me

I love everything pop culture, and can talk endlessly about films, games, niche internet content; You name it, I’ll be down. My favourite Ghibli film is princess Kaguya (an underrated classic in my opinion) but I love them all! When I’m not tattooing, I enjoy gaming, antique hunting, and theme parks.

Tattooing really is a dream job for me, I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful client base and I’m always honoured to be trusted with bringing people’s ideas to life.