Tattoo Artist


My parents really supported being a creative personality and I am really glad they did that, so when I was young, I was always drawing and painting. My dad has old school traditional tattoos on his arms and I was always fascinated by the process of how it happened, this was the start of being interested in the whole industry. I stuck to being interesting in art and design throughout school, and eventually onto University where I proceeded to study Art Practice and Graphic Design. At University I always knew that I wanted to do something more creative than branding and marketing via Graphic Design. I decided to move to Manchester 2 years ago, start a new life with my sausage dog Pickle and concentrate on building a tattoo portfolio and finding a tattoo apprenticeship. At the age of 30 it was pretty daunting but it was the best decision of my life.


Now I’m part of the Flesh Tattoo team, learning all parts of the tattoo industry, my style is traditional with an eccentric twist and I feel incredibly lucky to be supported by an amazing team of people.