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Growing up, my mum was my favourite artist. My room was wall to wall with drawings we’d both drawn of all my favourite characters, and the stories we’d create with them. Back then I didn’t realise that we were illustrating. Using drawings to tell stories as well as jokes which was my favourite.

As a teen I continued to use drawings to tell stories, so much so I thought I would end up in a career in animation or character development.

I’ve always had a keen interest in tattoos, sneaking around to get my back done at 14 and staying up late watching LA ink. I never thought it’d be in the industry as I believed I wouldn’t fit in, so I neglected to try.

I perused art in a more general sense, completing my undergraduate fine art degree and exhibiting anywhere I was allowed, from nightclubs to the Tate. The path eventually led to tattooing by chance, being suggested whilst I was receiving a tattoo. I have so much love for the art form and the craft of tattooing and I love being in an industry where I can learn something different every day, and being trusted to illustrate other people’s stories here at Flesh.