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Originally from Greece , Tasos is a tattoo artist now currently residing with our Flesh tattoo team and has been tattooing for the past almost 4 years.

Although trained and experienced in many tattoo styles like Black & Grey, Blackwork, Fineline , and Dot-work but his strongest point is most in fine art tattoos, Tasos likes to put his own individual , personal touch in his artwork. Throughout his career this has allowed his exercise his creativity and build a vast repertoire of original art work.

As well as having impeccable design skills, Tasos centre his work around health & safety, strongly believing this is an essential element for the completion of fine quality tattoo work.

Tasos would like to keep challenging himself and continuing to make his customers happy. Tasos is a perfectionist and will work with you to create a tattoo that you will love for the rest of your life.