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I’ve been an artist all my life. Since a very young age I had a knack for art, spent most waking hours drawing and doodling. Since I was seven I attended after school art classes twice a week, which my parents hoped would stop me from drawing instead of doing homework, it didn’t.

Since that time I knew I had a future in art as it’s the one thing I never seem to lose passion for. I continued going to art classes throughout my school years, ranging from general art to painting, live models, and architectural drawing. I was strongly pushed by my family to study architecture, which according to them combined my love for art and my science minded brain. Problem was, I didn’t like buildings, I wanted to create and evolve as an artist, not sit in a 9 to 5 sketching straight lines all day.

I decided to move to the UK and study Illustration, as I’ve always been drawn by more illustrative art, especially the masters of Art Nouveau. My course above all else gave me the time to think and try lots of new approaches and art media. During my second year I’ve finally found a style that allowed me to convey everything I wanted to. Inspired by the works of John Dyer Baizley I combined the use of dotwork and watercolour. My last year at university was when I further explored this style, and when I came to the conclusion I don’t want to be an Illustrator.

Growing up no one in my family had tattoos, so the idea of tattooing never crossed my mind. However, it was my parents who suggested it to me, which seemed surprising but promising. After a bit of luck I was taken in as an apprentice in a nice studio on the outskirts of Manchester. I’ve learned and grown, discoverd what I reallly like to tattoo to this day. My favourite tattoos are those that allow me to mix my love for Art Nouveau and flowers with my fascination for everything dark and sinister. In late 2017 I was welcomed to the Flesh family, and I can’t wait to see where will they take me.





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