Does it Hurt

Posted: Saturday November 19, 2022

If you’ve never had a tattoo before, you may have heard your friends or strangers saying how much getting tattooed sucks. Here at Flesh, we often compare the pain to a bit of a cat scratch, which we think is totally worth it to get a beautiful piece of art on you forever!

Whilst getting tattooed, the top layer of skin is being pierced by anywhere between 1 to 23 needles for your average tattoo. So, it’s safe to say…you can definitely feel it!

However, what hurts one person might not hurt the next and different areas of the body tend to sting more than others, you can check this article by The Healthline which goes into a little more detail about which areas are more likely to hurt.

Tattoo pain is also impacted by the length of time that you’re getting tattooed for. Lots of clients who get smaller tattoos think it’s over too quickly to even feel how much it hurts! However, people who are sitting for a long day session may find that towards the end of the day in particular, it begins to hurt more.

With that being said, tattoos are rarely too painful to stand, or else why would so many of us have so many of them!? According to YouGov 26% of the UK population have at least one tattoo, that’s a lot of people who don’t find them too painful!

Our artists at Flesh tattoo are all patient, understanding and kind, if you’re nervous about the pain of your first tattoo, they totally get it. If you need a break during your tattoo because it’s hurting a bit too much, you can take as long as you need! But all in all, we really don’t think you need to worry at all.

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