What should I do before getting my tattoo?

Posted: Thursday September 15, 2022

Before you get tattooed at Flesh there are a few things that we need you to do , and some things that we recommend you do before getting your tattoo.

The Health check Form

The first thing we need you to do is fill out the Flesh tattoo health check form. This is just a quick little form where we ask you to tick a few boxes and let us know you’re able to be tattooed. This form is also your opportunity to inform us of any allergies you have or any medications you’re taking that may affect the tattoo. A text will be sent to you containing the health check form 24 hours before your appointment. (This will not work if you have an international number, but we have paper versions at the studio, so don’t worry!)

A Good Meal

It is also important that you have plenty to eat before getting your tattoo. If you have an early morning tattoo, breakfast is not optional! During the tattoo, your body is going to need the energy to power you through. Not having anything to eat beforehand can cause your blood sugar to drop. This will leave you feeling dizzy and faint. The best things to eat are protein rich foods, foods with plenty of vitamin C and foods with high zinc content.


Another important thing to remember before you tattoo is that hydration is key! We encourage you to start moisturising the area, ideally, a couple of days before your appointment. It’s also important to hydrate your body as well as your skin! Make sure to drink plenty of water before and throughout your tattoo appointment if you have a long one.

You must also bring some ID with you to your appointment and show it to either the receptionist or your tattooer before getting tattooed.

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