Caring for Your New Tattoo in Summer

Posted: Wednesday June 14, 2023

Yay, it’s summer… Time for fun, adventure and some serious tattoo care! Whether you just got inked recently or getting a new tattoo soon, it’s important to take extra care of it during summer to keep it safe and vibrant! The combination of increased sun exposure, heat, and humidity can pose challenges to the healing process and long-term vibrancy of your tattoo. Here are some of our essential top tips for caring for your tattoos in summer.

Before your appointment:


1- Consider your skin tone

Keep your skin colour as close to your natural colour as possible. This means as little tanning as possible and DEFINITELY no sunburn! If you are sunburnt, the artist will not be able to tattoo you as they will not touch damaged skin. The redness of sunburn comes from your blood cells being at the top of the skin. If you tattoo over these blood cells, the blood mixes with the ink which dilutes the ink, which will cause the ink to fade once it heals. Also, by keeping your skin tone as natural as possible, it helps the artist choose the correct colour of ink for you.

2- Consider what else you have booked around the time of your appointment

Are you planning on going on a sunny holiday or a festival within the first 4 weeks of the healing stage of your tattoo? If so, we would recommend getting in touch with us to reschedule. Our artists would much rather reschedule your appointment than risk an infection! On holiday, the sun and water can be a risk, whilst all festival go-ers know that hygiene can take a bit of a backseat whilst away at a festival!

3- Hydration is key

We know you’ve heard this all before; drinking enough water, particularly in the summer months is very important, especially if you’re getting a tattoo! Tattooing hydrated skin is much easier than tattooing dry, dehydrated skin. Make sure you start sipping up more around 48 hours before your appointment, so your body has enough time to feel the benefits.


After your appointment:


1- Keep it clean

Proper hygiene is essential for tattoo care, especially during the summer when sweat and dirt can accumulate more easily. Gently clean the area using a mild, fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water. Avoid harsh scrubbing or rubbing, and pat the area dry with a clean towel.

2- Moisturise regularly

We recommend applying a tattoo-friendly moisturiser or aftercare to prevent your ink from becoming dry, cracked, or faded. We have our own aftercare balm for sale in our studios… and it smells like candyfloss! Apply a thin layer to your tattooed area regularly.

3- Avoid cooling off in the water

Even though jumping into a nice cool pool, lake or the sea may seem very inviting whilst temperatures increase outside, this can cause many problems for your new ink. Chlorine and bacteria found in swimming pools and other bodies of water can increase your risk of infection considerably. Also, the water itself can affect the quality of the tattoo. This is because, whilst the tattoo is still a fresh wound, it can cause the ink to leak, which will leave you with a faded, less vibrant tattoo. Swimming can also cause your skin to dry out. This will prolong the healing process and make it itchier and scabbier for longer!

4- Avoid sunbathing

If you’re taking your new tattoo to a picnic, make sure you stay in the shade. A new tattoo is very sensitive to UV rays from the sun.  It is also unsafe to apply SPF to your ink while it’s healing. They often contain harsh and artificial chemicals that can cause reactions to your new tattoo. SPF creams are also thick; whilst healing, your new tattoo needs as much oxygen as possible. However, once the tattoo heals, you should use SPF (30, if not 50) to keep your tattoo fresh and vibrant.


Proper tattoo care during the summer is essential to preserve the look and longevity of your ink. Keep your tattoo out of the sun, keep it clean and moisturised, and stay away from pools.

Of course, we are only an email, call or DM away, so get in touch with any post-tattoo questions. Also, feel free to tag us on our social media accounts to show off your new tat!

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