So far in 2024: what’s hot in the tattoo world?

Posted: Friday April 19, 2024

Now that we’re a few months into 2024, the team at Flesh Tattoo have noticed some new styles, techniques, and trends emerging in the ever-changing world of tattooing. Whether you’re an ink enthusiast or just thinking about your first tattoo, it’s great to keep up with the latest trends. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the hottest tattoo trends making waves in 2024.

Super Swirls

First up, and probably one of our favourite trends are these awesome swirly designs, sometimes referred to as ‘liquid lines’. They are so versatile and can be made to fit into any gap whilst flowing so beautifully with the body’s natural contours. They can also be incorporated into other designs to make interesting, abstract designs.

Futuristic Cyber Sigil

We like to describe this style as a soft, sci-fi version of an old school tribal tat. They mix thin lines and sharp angles to create intricate and captivating designs. Cyber Sigil tattoos are a very 21st century choice of tattoo blending aspects of futuristic technology with the nostalgia of the 90s tribal craze.

Cool Chrome

These metallic looking tattoos are taking the tattoo world by storm in 2024. Artists creatively use grey and white inks to create this fascinating effect. These tattoos appear to have a shiny, metallic appearance and often mimic the look of metallic objects.

Bringing back butterflies

Okay, we admit it, butterflies never went anywhere. They’re a timeless tattoo classic and they’re not budging in 2024. Whether you choose a butterfly tattoo for a symbolic reason such as the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly. Or, just because they’re, quite honestly, beautiful to look at. There are so many varieties of butterfly tattoo and they look brilliant in any style.

Tattoos with no meaning at all!

With the continuous increase in the number of people with tattoos and the amount of tattoos each person gets, the old notion of “tattoos have to have meaning” has definitely, well, lost all meaning! Whether it is a tattoo to decorate your wrist with geometric patterns or just something silly and cute that brings you happiness…you can put whatever you want, wherever you want. It’s your body!

If you would like to follow any of these trends, or, start a trend of your own! We are always more than happy to help at Flesh. Get in touch to book today.

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