Tattoos at Flesh

Whether it's full colour or black and grey, small or large, at Flesh Tattoo we work hard to draw and create imaginative, stand-out pieces.

Custom Tattoos

We understand that most people looking to get tattooed want something original and striking. The artists at Flesh Tattoo endeavour to create beautiful custom pieces encompassing all of the elements that customer wishes to incorporate.

Feel free to bring print-outs, sketches, photographs and any other bits of inspiration you may have into the studio as these help the tattooist understand your wishes as soon as a design consultation begins.

A love of drawing is inherent in our team, with each artist having a different, specific area of artistic expertise to suit even the liveliest imagination.

Whether it's full colour or black and grey, small or large, at Flesh Tattoo, we work hard to draw and create imaginative, stand-out pieces. Clients can feel confident that they will leave the Flesh Tattoo Studio feeling like they have had a tailor made treatment.


At Flesh Tattoo, our experienced team have the skills and expertise to craft stunning tattoos. Flesh artists approach each piece as a small work of art; prioritising not only the immediate aesthetic appeal of the image, but also the longevity of the piece.

At Flesh, we want our tattoos to remain looking good on customers' skin for future years, rather than just the present time. The intention for all our tattoos to look good in the long run means that our artists conduct thorough consultations with prospective customers. Whilst we work to accommodate any desires of our customers, from time to time, people will be advised that the designs they plan may not stand the test of time. At this point, our artists will use their knowledge to recommend a way in which the customer's wishes can be met, whilst ensuring a high-quality tattoo with vitality and longevity.


Customers are given advice on aftercare by their artist as well as recieving an aftercare sheet before leaving the studio. This helps with correct procedures through the healing process as well as an awareness of how to look after your tattoos in the sun.

To read or download the aftercare leaflet now, click the button below.


Changing circumstances, changing fashions and changing technologies are a major part of modern life. Some people find that they are unhappy with old tattoos; others find that the image on their skin is no longer relevant or aesthetically pleasing to them. At Flesh Tattoo, we offer cover-ups and laser tattoo removal. Some tattoos can be almost eradicated by having a new tattoo worked over the area.

If this is the case, one of our artists will conduct a consultation in which photographs of the original piece are taken and the new work is discussed. The prospect of covering up an unwanted tattoo is exciting, but sometimes clients have a little less freedom in choosing a new piece. The artist will recommend ways in which a client's visual ideals can be met whilst staying within the realms of cover-up possibilities.

Some tattoos may not be ideally suited to being covered up. Flesh Tattoo offer Laser Tattoo Removal. Some customers wish for full removal, in which numerous sessions occur in order to reduce the appearance of the tattoo as much as possible.

Customers looking for cover-up tattoos often choose to have a few sessions of Laser Tattoo Removal in order to reduce the pigment in their existing tattoo, allowing more scope when it comes to the design of their new cover-up piece.