What Happens During a Tattoo Consultation?

Posted: Monday January 2, 2023

What is a tattoo consultation?

A consultation here at Flesh is a free, no pressure chat with one of our artists, not everyone needs one, but everyone is welcome to have one. During the consultation, your artist will want to discuss some things with you to make sure they fully understand the design. The things they will ask will be things like sizing, placements, whether you’re going to want any colour etc. All of this information will also help them to work out a quote for you.


What happens during a consultation?

At Flesh, we invite any client who may want to have a consultation to one of our studios to have a 15 (ish) minute chat with one of our artists. You are able to either choose the artist whose work you most like the look of, or leave it to us to recommend who we think will be the most suitable artist; based on the reference pictures you have sent over to us. We’ll find a time that works for both you and the artist for your consultation. 


Do I need a consultation? 

If you have a more complex design, a cover up, or want an existing tattoo extended, the artist may request that you come for a consultation to make sure that you are both on the same page about the design. For simpler designs, a consultation is not always necessary but some clients prefer to come down for a consultation to meet the artist, take a look at the studio and to feel confident that the artist fully understands their design.


What shall I bring to my consultation? 

You should bring along any pictures you have to the consultation to show the tattoo artist. You should come to the consultation with some idea of what you want to get, even if you’re unsure about some specific details. Even though your tattoo artist will be happy to guide you and give their opinion, they aren’t able to decide what you want on your behalf.


What happens after the consultation? 

After the consultation, if you decide you want to get booked in, the artist or receptionist will go through some dates to find one that works for both you and the artist. They will then take a deposit from you and then get you all booked in for your tattoo appointment.

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