Why Small Tattoos Are a Huge Deal

Posted: Friday June 14, 2024

Small tattoos have become a huge deal in the world of tattoos in recent years and although they might be small, they can mean an awful lot to the wearer. But what is it about them that make them so appealing to so many? Let’s explore the reasons behind the huge amount of love for these tiny ink masterpieces.

They’re accessible and affordable!

One of the most appealing things is their affordability. Larger, more detailed pieces can be quite expensive due to the amount of time and expertise needed. These tattoos almost always take less time to complete and therefore cost less. This means more people are able to afford a tattoo.

Another advantage of a getting a smaller tattoo is how long they take (or don’t take!). They can be completed in a single session, and, depending how small the design is you might even spend more time travelling to the studio than actually being tattooed! This is great if you have a busy schedule or a lower pain tolerance.

You can personalise small tattoos!

Small tattoos can be placed almost anywhere on the body, which gives you so much freedom. Whether you get it in a discreet spot like behind the ear or on the ankle to more visible areas like the wrist or collarbone, the possibilities are endless!

They also often carry deep personal meaning. Symbols, initials, or tiny illustrations can represent important aspects of people’s lives. They become intimate expressions of identity and experience.

Minimalism is Trendy!

The minimalist aesthetic is super popular in general at the moment, from fashion to home decor, and tattoos are no exception.   There can not be too much detail in a small tattoo because of the way ink age over time meaning that they are often are clean, simple designs.

Celebrity influence and social media trends play a significant role in the popularity of  these desgins. Lots of celebrities and influencers sport have tattoos, inspiring their followers to do the same! Instagram and Pinterest are filled with images of small tattoo ideas!

Commitment Issues? No problem! 

The idea of permanently marking your body can be daunting, but small tattoos offer a less intimidating entry point. They are easier to cover up, incorporate into larger designs, or even, if it comes down to it, they’re easier to remove!

Small tattoos are easy to hide, this is good if you work in professional environments with strict dress codes or if you prefer to keep their body art private. Their discreet nature allows you to express yourself without necessarily drawing a lot of attention.


Small tattoos are so popular because they are accessible, versatile, and very aesthetically pleasing whilst meaning so much to the wearer.

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